Pink Heart Pet Socks with Non-Slip Grip; great for Small-Med Dogs and Cats


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Product Description:

Protect your furry friend's paws while adding a touch of cuteness with these Pink Heart Pet Socks. Designed with non-slip grips, these socks provide traction and prevent your small to medium-sized dog or cat from sliding on smooth surfaces. The adorable heart shape pattern is sure to melt hearts and make your pet the center of attention. Not only do these socks keep your pet's paws clean and warm, but they also offer protection against scratches and abrasions. Made from breathable and stretchy cotton/poly material, they ensure a comfortable and snug fit without restricting movement. Easily slip them on and off, and watch your pet strut around in style. Keep their paws safe and stylish with these practical and adorable Pink Heart Pet Socks. *Large socks may fit large dogs, please check size chart as a reference.* Three sizes available, small, medium, large. Includes one pair of socks (four socks in each pair). Puuuurfect for all seasonal weather.

Product Highlights:

* Adorable Design: These pink heart-shaped pet socks are a cute and stylish accessory for small to medium-sized dogs and cats.

* Non-Slip Grip: The soles feature a non-slip grip design, providing traction and preventing slips on hardwood or tile floors.

* Paw Protection: The soft, stretchy cotton/poly material helps protect your pet's paws from scratches, dirt, and debris.

* Versatile Fit: Designed to fit most small to medium dog and cat breeds, with a snug yet comfortable fit.

* Easy Care: Machine washable on gentle cycle, for easy cleaning and maintenance.