Colorful Pet Cat Nail Caps, Soft Glue-On Nail Art Kits, Pack of 20


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Product Description:

Protect your furry friend's furniture and skin from scratches with these super cute and bright colorful pet cat claws nail covers. These soft cat nail caps come with glue and are a safe and humane alternative to declawing. Simply apply the glue and slip the caps over your cat's nails for a vibrant and protective coating. With 20 caps in a pack, you'll have plenty to last through regular nail growth cycles. The caps are made from a durable yet flexible material that won't interfere with your cat's natural scratching behavior. Available in a rainbow of colors, these nail caps let your cat's playful personality shine through while keeping your home scratch-free. Easy to apply and comfortable for your pet, these cat nail caps are a must-have for responsible pet owners.

Product Highlights:
* Colorful Variety: Includes vibrant colors of soft nail caps for cats.
* Easy Application: Comes with safe, non-toxic adhesive glue for simple application.
* Protects Furniture: Nail caps help prevent scratches on furniture and surfaces.
* Comfortable Fit: Designed for a comfortable and secure fit on cat's nails.
* Multi-Pack: Pack of 20 nail caps, offering long-lasting value for pet owners.