Tennis Ball Launcher with Ball for Dogs and Cats (Size 12" Long)


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Product Details:

Unleash endless hours of fun and exercise for your furry companions with the 12" Play Catch Tennis Ball Launcher! This ingenious device allows you to launch tennis balls up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) away, providing an engaging and interactive playtime experience for active dogs and playful cats. The included tennis ball is designed for high visibility, ensuring your pet can easily track and retrieve it during playtime. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, this ball launcher is the perfect addition to any pet owner's arsenal of toys. Keep your furry friends entertained, stimulated, and exercised with this innovative and entertaining toy. Bring the excitement of the tennis court right into your backyard or living room! *Disclaimer: be sure to be in an open space away from valuable items when launching within your living room. Extreme fun may cause property damage.*

Product Highlights:

* Automatic Launcher: This 12" tennis ball launcher automatically launches balls up to 30 feet for active dogs and playful cats to chase and retrieve.

* Includes Tennis Ball: One standard.

* A 5-inch diameter fuzzy tennis ball is included, perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

* Adjustable Settings: Customize the launch distance and angle with the easy-to-use control knob for optimal playtime.